The Complete Job Search Handbook for Sweden

Hands-on tips and insights on how to be successful on the Swedish job market

  • Artnr: 9789188721402

Beskrivning av artikel

Are you new in Sweden, looking for a job, but without any previous expericence of the Swedish job market?

In this book, the Swedish job coach and job market expert Fredrik Westrup shares hands-on, useful tips and tricks, specific for the Swedish job market, such as:

How to tailor you CV and cover letter for a Swedish employer.
What questions are likely to be asked in a job interview.
Cultural insights such as what to wear and how to communicate to be successful.

Drawing on his nearly 30 years of expericence from recruitment on the Swedish job market, Fredrik Westup knows the typical Swedish recruitment process inside and out, and this book leaves you well prepared for all parts of it.

Författare     Westrup, Fredrik
Bindning Mjuka pärmar
Förlag Isaberg förlag
Utg. land Sverige
Utg. år 2023
ISBN 978-91-88721-40-2
Språk Svenska
Format 170x240 mm
Sidor 128

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