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There are seven main sections to the Teacher’s Book

Section One
Techniques Explained
Explanations of the techniques used in the book with ideas of how to use them. These are not strict guidelines and the teacher should feel free to try any other approaches that they feel would work. It is also possible that students will suggest different approaches to the exercises.

Section Two
Chapter Additions
Each chapter is explained in further detail with-
• Helping hand – these are hints to encourage students with less confidence to use the work in an easier way. This section includes word lists for the brainstorms at the start of each chapter and examples to help students with some of the exercises.
• Extension exercises – These are extra exercises for students who wish to explore the subject matter further. They can also be used as homework, further research projects or extra class work. This section also includes photocopiable materials that can be used in the lessons alongside the textbooks.
• Further Study - This is a list of further resources such as poems and stories that can be used to explore chapter topics in more detail.

Section Three
Staging the Mini-Play
This section explains ways in which the whole group can be involved in presenting Chapter Five’s mini-play to other groups. It offers advice on possible roles the students can take even if they are not interested in performing in the actual play.

Section Four
Fun and Games
These can be used with each chapter. They are meant to give students an introduction into using drama in the English classroom. Some of the exercises relate to the chapter whilst others are meant to be just for fun.

Section Five
Word lists
All the word lists used in the Student’s Book are included at the back of the Teacher’s Book.

Section Six
Sound effects
On the Speaking Out Website there are lots of sound effects for use with the chapters and the mini play. This is a list of the effects available to help the students with their performances.

Section Seven
Assessment Section
This section includes a marking scheme for teachers to assess their students’ work. This scheme is designed specifically for use with the Write It/Present It Project work at the end of each chapter. The scheme is simple to use and effective at measuring students’ progress.
It could be used for student self marking, peer marking as well as more formal teacher to student marking. This is left up to the teacher.
Also in this section is a list of suggested comprehension questions based on each chapter. These can be used by teachers at any point they wish. They could be used as mini tests or simply to refresh students’ memories about the chapters.

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