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Speaking out will encourage you to become more confident in showing your ideas and thoughts, increase your vocabulary and descriptive language, improve your communication skills ... and if that isn't enough ... you'll have fun along the way!

Speaking out is a book that will help you speak English.
The chapters will:
* Encourage you to become more confident in showing your ideas and thoughts to other people. 
* Increase your vocabulary and descriptive language.
* Improve your communication skills.

There are certain exercises which appear a number of times in different chapters. Here is a short explanation of the exercises and what you have to do with them. 
Don't be afraid to use your imagination as much as you like. Using this book and speaking English should be fun.

At the beginning of each chapter it is important that you try to think about the subject and the words and phrases you already know. You must also listen to your partner.

Discuss It
This is an exercise that wants you to talk with a partner or in small groups about a certain idea. You must try and talk as much as you can and listen to your partner to get as much information as possible.

Act It Out
In this exercise you are going to read a short drama and then you are going to act it as a scene in your groups. This will help your confidence and ability in speaking.

Write It
Here is your chance to write your own dialogues to act out. You will have to use your imagination and your writing skills in this section.

This is an exercise where you will use your imagination and knowledge to create situations for the characters in the drama.
Speak Your Mind
This follows your photographs and makes you think more clearly about the character you are playing and the situation they are in. 

In the Chair
In this exercise you will learn and think about the characters in the drama much more than before.

Write It/Present It
This is the big project at the end of each chapter. It will make you use a lot of the vocabulary and knowledge that you have learned in the chapter. Your teacher might mark you on this project.


In the year 8-book you'll find these chapters:
The Band
A better Life
Miniplay: Sparkle


I materialet ingår lärarhandledning och elevbok. 
I oktober 2010 lanseras en hemsida för Speaking out - www.speakingout.se 
Här hittar du mängder av kompletterande material: nedladdningsbara ljudeffekter, fler kapitel, kommentarer och tips från användare och författarna, mm.

Författarna har tidigare givit ut ett antal engelska läromedel på den svenska marknaden.


"I enjoyed acting out the dialogues because we had fun. When you are not doing the usual things in a lesson you?re more relaxed and you learn more. I learned lots of new words and how to pronounce words in the dialogues."
Sara L (student year 8)

"Acting out the dialogues was very useful. It was a great way for students to learn new words and helped their pronunciation."
Malin S (teacher)



Författare Andy Coombs, Sarah Schofield, Stephen James, Irene Skrytek
Bindning Mjuka pärmar
Förlag Isaberg
Utg. land Sverige
Utg. år 2010
ISBN 978-91-7694-807-1
Språk Engelska
Ant. sidor 128

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